Now Get Your Performer Number Quickly And Easily After 1 April 2023 – Step By Step Guide


Good news for PLVE aspirants!

Health Education England (HEE) and the National Health Service (NHS) held a meeting on 1 April 2023. After an extensive discussion on the PLVE, they decided that the list of performers will be further analysed in line with the guidelines of the NHS that have been in effect from the 11th of February. But, there’s an important change in the application process and guidelines.

Changes in the PLVE Application Guidelines


Candidates who have been previously contacted through HEE and are been accessed by Performer’s List validation through experiences (PLVE) is considered in a formal process to assess their skills, knowledge, and experiences.

From April 1st, 2023 onwards the process of obtaining PLVE is much easier for them because they don’t have to fill out an additional PLVE application form and there is no extra cost in order to be paid to NHS.

The discussion will be conducted through the dentist advisor from NHS England and the post-graduate dental dean representative.

Key points of the latest version to keep in mind for the Performers number (PLVE) beginning 1 April 2023.

  • Candidates who were listed on the Performers List under the HEE route prior to April 1st, 2023 will continue as per the HEE PLVE route. Their portfolios will be reviewed by HEE colleagues who were their former HEE colleagues.
  • Candidates, who aren’t admitted by April 1st, will be evaluated in accordance with the new process previously described.
  • No fees will be due to NHS beginning on April 1, 2023, regardless of the location where an applicant is involved in the process.
  • If the applicant paid the fee prior to the 1st of April, the fee will not be refunded or adjustable.

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